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Update of the IDsecure browsing service:
The IDsecure authentication cookie provides an additional layer of security for people who are surfing from inside a firewall. It combines with Strong URL encryption and SSL to give you maximum privacy protection. The ISP and the firewall admin person will not be able to find out about the URL and the content of the destination web site that you visited through IDsecure.

"IDsecure User Preference" lets you configure security features according to your needs and taste.
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The IDsecure service supports anonymous retrieval of secure (SSL, https) pages, as well as password protected sites. You can use the IDsecure service to conduct e-commerce, banking, ... etc.

Please read the table comparing the features of the IDsecure and our free anonymous browsing service. On this page you will find a detailed discussion between the two services. You can subscribe IDsecure (US$15 per quarter or US$50 per year) online.

You can also register for our free anonymous browsing service by clicking here. Our free anonymous browsing service does not support URL hiding and does not support password protected sites.

The IDsecure browsing service won PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award in January 2001. (Won 5 stars out of a maximum possible 5)

Surf the web safely, and plug the leakage of sensitive information.
Today, there is very little privacy on the web. Everywhere we visit, our activities are logged. It is like being followed every time we go outside of our homes; Every street taken and every house or store visited are recorded. Powerful data mining software is used to uncover the characteristics of web site visitors.

IDzap.com provides anonymous web access services for our visitors and members. In both the free and subscription services, we remove sensitive information such as machine names, ip addresses and cookies so that your web surfing session can be conducted anonymously and safely. In addition, our subscription based IDsecure browsing service uses SSL and URL encryption technologies to provide the ultimate security in web surfing.

Stop leakage of personal information. Start using IDzap for web surfing NOW!

Our Frequently Asked Questions page explains the benefits of using the IDzap anonymous web browsing services, and provides a lot of security and privacy information.


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